Project Summary  
  Growth-promoting antibiotics will be banned in the EU by 2006.  Livestock producers need alternative means of obtaining similar production benefits to maintain profitability and competitiveness against overseas producers, including the US, where such restrictions do not exist. Ways must also be found to improve the healthiness and safety of animal products reaching the consumer, including those from organic farming. This project will examine plants, plant extracts and other natural materials as safe alternatives to feed antimicrobials.
The materials will be derived from 500 samples of plant materials collected as possible feed additives for ruminants [FP5 project, Rumen-up, QLK5-CT-2001-00992 ], plus some additional natural materials likely to be useful in non-ruminants.


Apr 08 ,2009 - REPLACE Plant Collection
The REPLACE plant collection can now be viewed by ...
Feb 16 ,2009 - REPLACE Consortium Annual Meeting
REPLACE Consortium Annual Meeting February 200...
Dec 15 ,2008 - Dec 15th - REPLACE Consortium Annual Meeting
February 2009 - REPLACE Consortium Annual Meeting ...

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